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About Lehua Island

Information about the small, crescent-shaped, uninhabited island of Lehua in Hawaii. Lehua is a State of Hawaii wildlife sanctuary, therefore public access is limited to aras above the high tide mark.

Aerial View of Lehua Island
Photo Credit: Christopher P Becker / CC30

More Photcos of Lihua Island

Facts About Lehua Island
TYPE OF ISLAND: Tuff cone of extinct Niihau Volcano
SIZE: ABOUT 284 acres
POPULATION: Uninhabited wildlife sanctuary
LOCATION: 0.7 miles north of Niihau Island, West of Kauai
COUNTY: Kauai County

Snorkeling and Diving Off Lehua
Lehua is a popular snorkeling and scuba diving destination

Lehua Island Wildlife Sanctuary
all activities prohibited without a permit public access is restricted to areas below the high tide water mark island is a Hawaii stat3e wildlife santuary habitat for about 16 species of sea birds habitat for non-native pacific rats island's population of european rabbits were3 removed in 2005
- Lehua Wildlife Sanctuary Rules (PDF)

Lehua Rock Lighthouse
The United States Coast Guard maintains Lehua Rock Light (a lighthouse) on Kaunuakala, at 704 feet (215 m) the highest point of the island.

Rabbits and Rats on Lehua Island
In 2005 and 2006, all rabbits were removed from the island through intensive hunting efforts. With the rabbits already gone and the rats hopefully eradicated, plant communities and seabirds are expected to recover quickly on their own. Following verification of rat elimination on the island, restoration of several native plant and invertebrate species will begin. Eradication of rats and rabbits from Lehua Island should increase the populations of threatened and endangered seabirds using the island and also give all native species a better chance of survival.

One of firest 5 islands sighted by Captain James Cook in 1778 Hhe spelled it "Oreehoua".

completely barren? no vegetation at all?

known for an unusual geological formation dubbed "the keyhole". Located in one of the crescent's narrow arms, this is a tall, thin notch cut from one side, all the way through to the other side of the arm.

Pictures of Lehua Island
A photo gallery featuring a collection of pitures of the island of Lehua in Hawaii.

- Wikipedia Lehua Article
2005: Final Environmental Assessment (PDF)
- Island Conservation Dot Org - Lehua Island Restoration
- Eradicating Rats on Lehua Island (PDF)
- Partnership of Orgs to Survey Rats on Lehua Island
- Eradicating Rats on Lehua Island
- Lehua Island Ecosystem Restoration Plan
2008 Environmental Assessment for Lehua Ecosystem Restoration

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