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Hawaiian Seafood and Fish

A guide to Hawaiian fish most frequently used for cooking. Incudes Ahi, Aku, Mahimahi, Opakapaka, Hapuupuu, Uku, and more.

-Common Name: Grouper, Sea Bass
-Hawaiian Name: Hapuupuu
-Species: Epinephelus quernus
- Photos (none yet)
-Notes: Has a white flesh that is almost as delicate in taste as Hawaiian snapper. It is often served steamed and in sweet and sour fish head soup. Also baked, poached, deep fried in batter,and sometimes served raw.

-Common Name: Dolphinfish, Dorado
-Hawaiian Name: Mahimahi
-Species: Coryphaena hippurus
- Photos (none yet)
-Notes: A thin skinned fish with a firm and light pink flesh. It has a delecate sweetish flavor. Probably the most well-known Hawaiian fish among the tourists who visit the islands.

-Common Name: Monchong, Bigscale, Sickle Pomfret
-Hawaiian Name: Mukau
-Species: Taractichthys steindachneri
- Photos (none yet)
-Notes: Flesh is firm and white with some pink coloring and a moderately strong flavor. It's high fat content makes it very suitable for grilling, but it is also served broiled, sauted, baked.

Ono Malani
-Common Name: Wahoo, Kingkfish
-Hawaiian Name: Ono Malani
-Species: Acanthocybium solandri
- Photos (none yet)
-Notes: Often served poached because of its low fat content. Has a delicate flakey texture.

-Common Name: Moonfish
-Hawaiian Name: Opah
-Species: Lampris regius
- Photos (none yet)
-Notes: Has a large grained, fatty, flesh that is often broiled, used to make sashimi, and sometimes smoked.


-Common Name: Crimson Snapper
-Hawaiian Name: Opakapaka
-Species: Pristipomoides filamentosus
- Photos (none yet)
-Notes: Has a delicate flavor and a firm, light pink flesh. Often prepared steamed or baked with the head left on. Also used for sashimi and fish head soup, and the fillets are usually served baked, poached, or sauted.

-Common Name: Snapper, Jobfish, Green Jobfish
-Hawaiian Name: Ukupalu (Uku)
-Species: Aprion virescens
- Photos (none yet)
-Notes: Has a pale pink flesh that has a somehwhat more pronounced flavor then opakapaka. Often served baked, broiled, sauted, or steamed.

Ulaula Koae
-Common Name: Onaga, Yellowstripe, Longtail, or Ruby Snapper
-Hawaiian Name: Ulaula koae
-Species: Etelis coruscans
- Photos (none yet)
-Notes: Has a light pink flesh that is slightly softer and more moist then opakapaka. Traditionally used for sashimi on ceremonial occasions. Also can be steamed or baked, and used to make fish soup and sashimi,


-Common Name: Hebi, Shortbill Spearfish, Shortnose Spearfish
-Hawaiian Name: A'u
-Species: Tetrapturus angustirostris
- Photos (none yet)
-Notes: Flavor is mild, however it is stronger then Ahi. Usually served grilled.

A'u ki
-Common Name: Pacific Blue Marlin, Kajiki, Sailfish, Spikefish
-Hawaiian Name: A'u ki (A'u)
-Species: Makaira nigricans
- Photos
-Notes: Has a firm flesh and a mild flavor that is somewhat stronger then Ahi. It is most frequently served grilled, but it is sometimes also used for Sashimi.

A`u ku
-Common Name: Broadbill Swordfish
-Hawaiian Name: A`u ku (A`u)
-Species: Xiphias gladius
- Photos
-Notes: A firm textured fish that has a mild flavor except in the area just under the skin. Restaurants usually serve it grilled, it is sometimes used for sashimi and other raw fish dishes in Japan and Hawaii.

Nairagi A`u
-Common Name: Striped Marlin, Barred Marlin, Spearfish
-Hawaiian Name: Nairagi A`u (A'u)
-Species: Tetrapturus audax
- Photos
-Notes: Considered by many to be the best marlin for cooking because it is very tender. Flesh is light pink to orange red. It is served grilled, in raw fish dishes, cold seafood dishes, and sometimes it is smoked.


-Common Name: Yellowfin Tuna (aka Albacore)
-Hawaiian Name: Ahi
-Species: Thunnus albacares
- Photos
-Notes: Often used in raw fish dishes such as sashimi or served grilled, especially in blackened Cajun fish recipes.

Ahi po o nui
-Common Name: Bigeye Tuna
-Hawaiian Name: Ahi po o nui (Ahi)
-Species: Thunnus obesus
- Photos (none yet)
-Notes: Flesh has a reddish pink color. Often used for sashimi. High fat content makes it suitable for grilling.

-Common Names: Albacore, Longfinned Tuna
-Hawaiian Name: Ahipalaha (aka Tombo Ahi)
-Species: Thunnus alalunga
- Photos
-Notes: Flesh is deep pink in larger fish and whitish pink in smaller fish. Frequently served grilled. It is softer then ahi and aku, so it is not as easy to slice it into sashimi.

-Common Names: Skipjack Tuna, Ocean Bonito, Lesser Tuna
-Hawaiian Name: Aku
-Species: Katsuwonus pelamis
- Photos
-Notes: Firm flesh with a deep red color. Stronger flavored then ahi or au. Sometimes served sauted or grilled, but because of its strong taste, it is often used to make poke or dried aku.

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