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Hawaii Books by Author

A collection of books about Hawaii organized by author name. See also more Hawaii Books, and the other sections of our Hawaii shop: Hawaii Videos Shop, and Hawaiian Music Shop.

Alan Brennert Hawaii Books
Author of "Molokai" and "Honolulu".

Armine von Temski Hawaii Books
Autobiographies, romance novels, and other books based on Armine von Tempski's experiences growing up among the paniolo (Hawaiian cowboys) on a Maui cattle ranch situated on the slopes of Haleakala crater.

Arthur Grove Day Hawaii Books
"True Tales of Hawaii and the South Seas" "Hawaii and Its People", "Kamehameha: First King of Hawaii", and many more Hawaii and South Pacific books by Arthur Grove Day.

Chris McKinney Books
Honolulu college instructor and author Chris McKinney writes books that are not afraid to examine the dark underside of life in Hawaii. His books include "The Tattoo", "The Queen of Tears", "Bolohead Row, and "Mililani Mauka".

James Mitchner Hawaii Books
A collection of books by James Mitchner that include adventure stories and non-fiction books set in Hawaii, the South Pacific, and other exotic locations.

Jim Beloff Books
A large number of ukulele history and method books including "Ukulele Tips: A Beginners Guide", "Ukulele Masters: Herb Ohta", "Jumpin Jim's Gone Hawaiian", and many more

Lois-Ann Yamanaka Books
Many of Lois-Ann Yamanaka's novels and poetry books have Asian American and Hawaii local culture themes.

Mark Brown Books
A trilogy of mystery novels set in Hawaii.

Oswald Bushnell Books
Microbiologist and medical historian Oswald A. Bushnell wrote a popular collection of historic novels based in Hawaii.

Peter S. Adler Books
Books featuring Hawaii that were written by Peter S. Adler.

Rosemary Patterson Books
A collection of historic romance novels based in Hawaii, by author Rosemary I. Patterson.

Susanna Moore Hawaii Books
Her first three books are known as her "Hawaiian Trilogy" and they are about a disfunctional family in Hawaii. She later wrote two memoirs about growing up in Hawaii, two books set in New York, and one book set in India.

Hawaii Book Authors by Name

Alan Brennert
Armine Von Tempski
Arthur Grove Day

Barbara Sharp

Charles Knief
Chip Hughes
Chris McKinney

Deborah Atkinson

Heather A. Diamond | Web Site |

Ian MacMillan

James Mitchner
Jim Beloff
John Wythe White / "A High Beautiful Wave" / "Short-Timers in Paradise"
Juanita Sheridan

Lois Ann Yamanaka
Lori Aquino / "The Ghost of Walter Kupau"

Mark Brown
Matthew Kaopio | Facebook Page

Oswald Bushnell

Patricia Laurel / "Only If You Can find Me"
Peter s. Adler

Rosemary Patterson
Roy Yamaguchi

Sam Choy
Susanna Moore

Victoria Heckman
Victoria Heckman
Virgilio Menor Felipe / "Hawaii: A Pilipino Dream"

Author Profiles and Web Sites

Alan Brennert | Wikipedia |
Barack Obama | Wikipedia |
Beau Flemister | Garden Isle "Beau Flemister Book Signing" Article
Cathy Song | Wikipedia |
Chris McKinney | Wikipedia |
Darlaine Mahealani Dudoit | Wikipedia |
Darrell H. Y. Lum | Star Bulletin "Bamboo Ridge Founders" Article |
Eric Chock | Wikipedia |
Eric Paul Shaffer | Wikipedia |
Garrett Hongo | Wikipedia |
Gary Pak | Wikipedia |
Gavan Daws | Wikipedia |
George Kahumoku, Jr. | Wikipedia |
George Parsons Lathrop | Wikipedia |
Glen Grant | Wikipedia |
Haunani-Kay Trask | Wikipedia |
Ian MacMillan | Wikipedia |
John Dominis Holt IV | Wikipedia |
Juliet Kono | Wikipedia |
Kaui Hart Hemmings | Wikipedia |
Kiana Davenport | Wikipedia |
Kirby Wright | Wikipedia |
Lee Cataluna | Web Site |
Lee Tonouchi | Wikipedia |
Lehua Parker | Web Site |
Lilith Affairs WordPress Blog |
Lois-Ann Yamanaka | Wikipedia |
Mark Panek | Wikipedia |
Mary Kawena Pukui | Wikipedia |
Matthew Kaopio | Facebook |
Maxine Hong Kingston | Wikipedia |
Milton Murayama | Wikipedia |
Noelani Arista | Wikipedia |
Noenoe Silva | Wikipedia Article |
Nora Okja Keller | Wikipedia |
Ralph Simpson Kuykendall | Wikipedia |
Robert Barclay (we are still looking for online resources)
Rodney Morales | Wikipedia |
Shawna Yang Ryan | Wikipedia |
Susanna Moore | Wikipedia |
Tara Bray Smith | Wikipedia |
Terence McKenna | Wikipedia |
Tim Parise | Facebook |
Wing Tek Lum | Wikipedia |


- Wikipedia "Hawaiian Literature" Article
- Hawaii Writers Guild "Our Authors" Profiles

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