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About the Johnston Atoll

The Johnston Atoll is located in the Pacific Ocean and it is situated between the Hawaiian Islands and the Line islands. It is one of the most isolated atolls in the world.
Map of the Johnston Atoll in the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands


ENGLISH NAME: Johnston Atoll
STATUS: Territory of the United States
DESIGNATED: National Wildlife Refuge
ADMINISTERED BY: United States Fish and Wildlife Service
LOCATION: Northern Pacific Ocean

Islands and Islets (sizes in ha)
- Johnston Island | 1942 Size: 19 | 1964 Size: 241 |
- Sand Island | 1942 Size: 4 | 1964 Size: 9 |
- North Island (Akau) | 1942 Size: n/a | 1964 Size: 10 |
- East Island (Hikina) | 1942 Size: n/a | 1964 Size: 7 |

U.S. National Wildlife Refuge
On June 29, 1926, by Executive Order 4467, President Calvin Coolidge established Johnston Island Reservation as a federal bird refuge and placed it under the control of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as a refuge and breeding ground for native birds.

U.S. Military History
On February 14, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt issued Executive Order 8682 to create naval defense areas in the central Pacific territories. The proclamation established the Johnston Island Naval Defensive Sea Area which encompassed the territorial waters between the extreme high-water marks and the three-mile marine boundaries surrounding the atoll. The atoll was under the control of the United States military for more than 70 years. It was used a various tijes as a naval refueling depot, an airbase, a secret missile base, a nuclear weapons testing site, a biological Weapons testing site, and a storage and disposal site for Agent Orange and other chemical weapons.

Remote Islands National Wildlife Complex
Designated after military mission ended in 2004.

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument
Designated on January 6, 2009

Johnston Atoll National Wildlife Refuge

History of the Johnston Atoll

Articles About the Johnston Atoll


- US-FWS "Johnston Atoll Wildlife Refuge" Article
- Wikipedia "Johnston Atoll" Article
- Johnston Memories Dot Com

Resources (2)

Today Johnston Island is a United States national wildlife refuge but it was under miliary control between 1934-2004. During that time it was used as a naval refueling depot, a testing ground for nuclear and biological weapons, a space recovery location, a secret missile base and as a storage and disposal site for chemical weapons and the Agent Orange herbacide.

Facts About the Johnston Atoll
ENGLISH NAME: Johnston Atoll
NAMED AFTER: Charles J. Johnston, captain of the brig Sally
STATUS: Unincorporated Territory of the United States
ADMINISTERED BY: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
LONGITUDE: -169° 31' 26.40" W
LATITUDE: 16° 44' 13.20" N
SITUATED: Between Hawaiian Islands and the Line Islands
BODY OF WATER: Pacific Ocean

Islands of the Johnston Atoll
Two of the atoll's islands are natural Islands (Johnston and Sand) and both of them were designated a U.S. federal bird reserve in 1926. The other two islands i the atoll were man-made by dredging. By 1964, military dredge and fill operations had increased the size of Johnston Island to 596 acres from its original 46 acres, and increased Sand Island from 10 to 22 acres. The dredging efforts also added two new islands, 25 acre North Island and 18 acre East Island.
- Johnston Island | 1942: 19 ha | 1964 size: 241 ha |
- Sand Island | 1942: 4 ha | 1964: 9 ha |
- North Island | 1942: 0 ha | 1964: 10 ha | (aka "Akau")
- East island | 1942: 0 ha | 1964: 7 ha | (aka "Hikina")
- Plus a marginal, emergent reef on the northwest side

Johnston Island Air Force Base (closed in 2005)
Wikipedia Article
Urban Ghost Media Article

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