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Molokini Shoal Marine Life Conservation District

Information about the Molokini Shoal Marine Life Conservation District off the southwest coast of Maui in Hawaii. See also About Molokini information about other Hawaiian Islands and our Hawaii Travel Guide.

MLCD NAME: Molokini Shoal MLCF
SIZE: 77 acres surrounding Molokini Island
LOCATION: Alaiakeiki Channel


Subzone A
Includes the cove bounded by a line extending from the end of the submerged ridge off Lalilali Point to Pahee O Lono Point.

Subzone B
Includes the area 100 yards seaward of the island and Subzone A.

Activities Allowed

To fish for, take, or possess any finfish by trolling in Subzone B only.

To possess in the water any knife and any shark billy, bang stick, powerhead, or carbon dioxide injector.

With a permit, to engage in activities otherwise prohibited by law for scientific, propagation, or other purposes.

To engage in commercial activities, excluding the taking of marine life, with a permit.

Activities Prohibited

To fish for, take, or injure any marine life (including eggs), or possess in the water any device that may be used for the taking of marine life, except as indicated in “Permitted activities” above.

To take or alter any sand, coral, or other geological feature or specimen, or possess in the water any device that may be used for the taking or altering of a geological feature or specimen.

To feed or deliberately introduce any food material, substance, or attractant directly to or in the vicinity of any aquatic organism by any means or for any purpose except for trolling in Subzone B.

To moor boats for commercial activities, except as provided for by a permit.

To anchor boats when a day use mooring system is established by the Department.

Entry onto the island itself is prohibited because Molokini is a state seabird sanctuary


- Hawaii Aquatic Resources "Molokini Shoal" Article
- Hawaii Administrative Rule 13-31: Molokini (PDF)
- Rule Changes Proposed to Protect Molokini Marine Life (2019)

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