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An Introduction to Hawaii's Islands

An introduction to the main Hawaiian Islands and general informatoin about the Hawaiian Islands archipelago.

Hawaii Island
The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands and it is the home of one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Most visited attractions include Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Kealakekua Bay, Kailua-Kona Town, the Hamakua Coast, Parker Ranch, and the Waipio Valley.
- Population: 148,700
- Size: 4,030 square miles
- Summit: Lanaihale (13,796 feet)
- Island Flower: Red Lehua Ohia
- Island Color: Red

Kahoolawe Island
This unhabited island was once used for target practice by the United States Navy and Air Force, and they are now in the process of cleaning up unexploded shells. Access to Kahoolawe is strictly limited.
- Population: No permanent residents
- Size: 45 square miles
- Summit: 1,483 feet
- Island Flower: Hinahina (Beach Heliotrope)
- Island Color: Grey

Kauai Island
The island of Kauai is known as the "Garden Island" because of the lush vegetation that results from heavy rainfall on the wet side of the island. Kauai's most visited attractions include the Waimea Canyon, Kokee State Park, Wailua river cruises, Poipu Beach, Nawiliwili Harbor, and Hanalei Bay.
- Population: 58,300
- Size: 552 square miles
- Summit: Kawaikini (5,243 feet)
- Island Flower: Mokihana (Green Berry)
- Island Color: Purple

Lanai Island
The Island of Lanai at one time was covered by a Pineapple Plantation, but today it is the home of a luxury beach resort with a spa and a championship golf course. There are few paved roads on Lanai, and only one small town, known as Lanai City.
- Population: 3,200
- Size: 140 square miles
- Summit: Kamakou (3,366 feet)
- Island Flower: Kaunaoa (Yellow and Orange Air Plant)
- Island Color: Orange

Maui Island
The island of Maui is known as the "Valley Isle". It is the home of the largest domant volcanic crater in the world, 10,000 foot high Mount Haleakala. The town of Lahaina was Hawaii's capital before 1845, and still retains some of its old whaling town atmosphere. Top visitor attractions include Haleakala National Park, the Kaanapali and Wailea resort areas, the road to the remote town of Hana, and the Iao Valley.
- Population: 117,650
- Size: 727 square miles
- Summit: Haleakala (10,023 feet)
- Island Flower: Lokelani (Pink Cottage Rose)
- Island Color: Pink

Molokai Island
Molokai one of the least visited of the populated Hawaiian Islands and it has very little tourism infrastructure. It only has one small hotel so most visitors rent vacation condominium units. Popular activities on Molokai include viewing of some of the highest seacliffs in the world from a helicopter and visiting Kaulaupapa National Historical Park a former Hanson's disease settlement.
- Population: 7,410
- Size: 260 square miles
- Summit: 4,961 feet
- Island Flower: White Kukui Blossom
- Island Color: Green

Niihau Island
Niihau is a privately owned island to which access is strictly limited. Since the late 1980's a few boat tours, helicopter tours, and hunting safari's have been available to visitors.
- Population: 160
- Size: 69 square miles
- Island Flower: Pupu Shell
- Island Color: White

Oahu Island
The island of Oahu is (by far) the most populated and most visited island in Hawaii. 80% of Hawaii residents live on the island of Oahu. Hawaii's capital city of Honolulu is located on Oahu, and so is Waikiki Beach, Hawaii's most visited resort area Two of Oahu's most notable landmarks are Diamond Head Crater and Pearl Harbor.
- Population: 876,200
- Size: 597 square miles
- Summit: Kaala (4003 feet)
- Island Flower: Ilima
- Island Color: Yellow

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