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Karen Keawehawaii Singing with Raiatea Helm

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Star Bulletin "Hawaii's History" Articles

A series of 63 interesting articles about Hawaiian history published in the Honolulu Star Bulletin Newspaper between May and December of 1999, as part of their countdown to the year 2000.

Ancient Hawaii to Western Discovery

Undersea Volcanoes Gave Life to Hawaii
- Nuuanu Landslide Tore Oahu Apart
- Polynesian Seafarers Settled in Hawaii
- Beliefs of the Ancient Hawaiians
- The Age of the Forceful Alii
- Daily Living the Hawaiian Way
- Captain Cook Brought New Era to Hawaii
- Hawaii Timeline: Prehistory to 1779

Of Kings, Queens, and Power

- Kamehameha dynasty confronts world of change
- Kaahumanu takes charge
- The Hawaiian Monarchy
- Mahele puts lands in foreign hands
- Missionary lives
- Ventures squeeze monarchy
- Power frenzy climaxes in 1893
- Hawaiian newspapers reveal pride
- Hawaii Timeline: 1782-1893

Annexation and Immigration

- Annexation sweet for Big Five
- Isles fit in with US. military plans
- Kuhio's vision for Hawaiians
- Immigrants shaped Hawaii
- From whence we came...
- Ethnic mix benefits all
- Tidbits in time
- Timeline: 1893-1920

Sunny Growth and Dark Tensions

- Tourism inches into Paradise
- U.S. swoons over Hawaii
- Federal report opens up education
- Dark times cloud isles
- Territorial labor strife
- Bishop Estate: Power, target
- Hawaii Timeline: 1920-1941

War Comes to Hawaii

- 1941's bleak Christmas
- The war, step by step
- Fortress Hawaii's key role
- Boosting morale
- Under military rule
- Relatives interned, they went to war
- Wartime voices of isle AJAs
- WWII accelerated social change
- Hawaii Timline: 1939-1946

Americanism and Statehood

- GI Bill propelled Democrat revolution
- Returning warriors created beauty
- Fears of Communist infiltrators
- Statehood, at long last
- Rise of the ILWU
- Hawaii Timline: 1945-1959

Hawaii Comes of Age

- Building boom fuels economy
- Land, source of power
- Ecology finds a voice
- Rising, falling with Japan
- Hawaiians fight back
- Republican rule gives way
- Music moves isle youth
- Hawaii Timeline: 1960-1998

How Will We Be?

- How Will we be?
- Fong: Get ready for China
- Brandt: Change via education
- Aluli: Hawaiian coordination, cooperation
- Walker: Focus, diversify
- Kelly: From shoreline to sovereignty
- Ho: Be glad for visitors
- Hawaii Timeline: Prehistory to 1999

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