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About the Akaka Bill

Articles published by newspapers and other news sources about United States Senate Bill 147, the "Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act". The bill is also known as the Akaka Act because it was first introduced by Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka in 2000.

Introduction to the Akaka Bill

Senator Akaka on Senate Bill 147

Wikipedia "Akaka Bill" Article

Arguments For and Against the Akaka Bill

Above Article Fails To Address Land Issues


- Jun 09: How Recognition Might Occur if Bill is Revived
- Jun 09: Senator Inouye Responds to Akaka Bill Criticism
- Jun 09: Senator McCain's Opposition to Akaka Bill
-Jun 09: Senate Rejects Native Hawaiian Self-Governance Bill
-Jun 08: Akaka Bill Now Deader Then Dead
-Jun 08: Akaka Bill Fails a Vote in the Senate
-Jun 08: President Bush Opposes Akaka Bill
-Jun 08: Akaka Says Senate Majority Supports His Bill
-Jun 08: Akaka Bill Opponents Occupy Iolani Palace
-Jun 08: Close Vote Expected Today for Akaka Bill
-Jun 08: Senators Get an Earful on Hawaiian Bill
-Jun 08: Akaka Bill Debate Tops Senate Agenda Toady
-Jun 07: Debate Begins With Battle of Ideas
-Jun 07: Senate Will Debate Akaka Bill This Week
-Jun 07: Did Anyone Ask the Hawaiians?
-Jun 07: Senate to Consider Hawaiian Sovereignty
-Jun 07: Akaka Bill Takes Step Forward
-Jun 07: What the Akaka Bill Would Really Do
-Jun 07: Senate to Vote on Dismantling America
-Jun 07: Akaka Bill Endorsements by Ethnic Groups
-Jun 04: Akaka Bill Close to Floor Debate
-Jun 04: Foes Hope Bill Reaches Senate Floor
-May 31: What Does the U.S. Owe to Native Hawaiians?
-May 31: New Version of the Akaka Bill Released
-May 30: Akaka Bill: What's Right for Hawaii
-May 30: OHA and Lingle Will Lobby for Akaka Bill
-May 29: Who is Senator Akaka Kidding?
-May 28: Fear Not, Akaka Bill Can Be Beneficial to All
-May 23: Residents Support Akaka Bill Vote
-May 20: Lingle Going to DC to Back Akaka Bill
-May 18: Lingle Lobbies for Akaka Bill
-May 13: Akaka Bill May Be Debated in June
-May 07: What the Akaka Bill Would Really do
-May 04: Akaka Bill Deserves Full and Fair Debate
-May 04: Civil Rights Panel Rejects Akaka Bill
-May 03: Akaak Bill Under Fire in Civil Rights Report
-May 01: Akaka Bill May Be Heard By Senate
-Mar 22: Akaka Bill Won't Ensure Senator Re-Election
-Jan 26: Akaka Bill Needs Push in House and Senate
-Jan 25: Akaka Bill Could Falter Senator Warns
-Jan 20: Akaka Bill Put to Test on Civil rights
-Jan 12: Conference Helps Soften Opposition to Akaka Bill
-Jan 04: Civil Rights Panel Sets Briefing on Akaka Bill


-Nov 12: Akaka Bill Allies Keep Hope Alive for Vote
-Oct 22: Akaka Bill Remains on Back Burner
-Sep 25: Akaka Bill Promotes Redress
-Sep 22: Justice Department Still Objects to Akaka Bill
-Sep 17: Akaka Bill Revised to Placate DC Foes
-Sep 06: Vote on Akaka Bill Postponed Indefinitely
-Aug 28: Akaka Bill Polls Are Easily Swayed
-Aug 10: Akaka Bill Gaining Higher Profile
-Aug 03: Akaka Bill Backers and Foes Weigh Ruling
-Jul 30: Senate Acts to Move Akaka Bill
-Jul 21: For Some, Akaka Bill Falls Far Short
-Jul 20: Key Figures For and Against the AkakaBill
-Jul 19: Senate Delays Akaka Bill Debate
-Jul 17: Akaka Bill a Recipe for Racial Conflict
-Jul 16: Legality of Akaka Bill Debated
-Jul 14: Justice Department Wants Akaka Bill Altered
-Jun 24: Lingle Fires Back at Foe of Akaka Bill
-May 02: Misinformation Abounds on Revisions Bill
-Apr 10: Akaka Bill: What Would It Mean for Hawaii?
-Mar 10: Akaka Bill Clears Panel in Senate
-Apr 04: Passage of Akaka Bill Would Create Havoc
-Apr 01: Akaka Bill May Hinge on Bush
-Jan 22: Congress Sponsors to Revive Akaka Bill
-Jan 12: Akaka Bill Will Get Hearing and a Vote
-Jan 06: McCain Says He Will Oppose Akaka Bill


- Nov 02: Hawaiian Association Still Backs Akaka Bill
- Oct 12: Vote on Akaka Bill Expected Next Year
- Oct 11: Akaka Bill Gets Boost in Senate
- Sep 29: Akaka Bill Voting Relies on Logistics
- Sep 15: Akaka Bill Passes Panel
- Sep 14: US House Committee to Vote on Akaka Bill
- Jul 08: Akaka Bill in Danger of Failing
- Apr 06: Akaka Bill Amended for Greater Clarity
- Feb 29: Time Running Out on Akaka Bill


Jun 06: OHA Lobbies for Akaka Bill


Jun 11: Akaka Bill Unlikely to Survive Challenge

More Akaka Bill Articles

- Hawaii Reporter Articles on the Akaka Bill
- What's Wrong with the Hawaiian Reorganization Bill?
- Three Washington Times Akaka Bill Articles

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